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Publisher Menucha Publishers

Close Call

Publisher Menucha Publishers

Close Call

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An upbeat, action-packed adventure for girls

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Michal put her hand on the doorknob. She turned to Adda. “You have to come in with me.”

“I do?”

“You know how much I hate that room. Please?” Adda followed her to the door. Michal turned the knob and the door swung slowly open. The flashlight showed cobwebs and blotches the damp cement. The air was dank and musty. Their feet disturbed the thick brown dust that coated the floor. The boiler rumbled. They screamed and grabbed each other.

Lively and outgoing Michal Shore is starting tenth grade at Tiferes high school—and moving in with Adda, her super smart cousin. But strange stuff is happening: Zeidy has suddenly come for an extended visit and no one will say why. There are weird noises in the basement. And who are the two strangers lurking outside?

Popular author Aidel Stein has crafted an upbeat, action-packed adventure about believing in yourself and the power of friendship. Join Michal and Adda on a mysterious mission, filled with incredible twists and turns, leading to a very close call.
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