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הפטורת - Interpolated English Translation & Commentary

הפטורת - Interpolated English Translation & Commentary

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With an Interpolated English Translation & Commentary

Based on the Works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

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The Book of Haftarot with an interpolated translation and commentary based on the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.

This work will transform your haftarah experience, on Shabbat, Jewish festivals and fast days. Each haftarah is prefaced by an overview, which provides an “executive summary” of its content. The side-by-side Hebrew/English text of the haftarah is accompanied by a commentary containing Chasidic and Kabbalistic insights into the inner dimensions of the text. This study-text is followed by a repetition of the Hebrew text of the haftarah in larger print, for easy reading in the synagogue. The historical and thematic context of the haftarot is fully expanded, with the addition of genealogical charts, timelines, and background information.

Enhance the discussions at your Shabbat table by making the haftarah an integral part of the family interaction and spiritual journey.

Help your Bar-Mitzvah boy prepare the haftarah for his Bar-Mitzvah celebration by introducing him to the meaning and significance of his haftarah in a way that will convey to him Torah’s relevance and inspire him—at a most critical point in his life’s journey.

Includes the complete texts of the haftarot according to Chabad, Ashkenazic, and Sephardic custom.

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