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Life's Ladder

Publisher Israel Bookshop

Life's Ladder

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Reaching New Heights in Avodas Hashem

An inspiring presentation of Torah sources, insights, and stories, with a plethora of real-life lessons

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Rabbi Zev Smith shlit"a is a maggid shiur and Torah lecturer, well known in his native Brooklyn, NY, and beyond. This book is a collection of his popular hashkafah shiurim, which deal with all aspects of avodas Hashem.

In each shiur, with great erudition and insight, Rabbi Smith brings together Torah sources and ma'amarei Chazal on the given topic. Always focused on applying the Torah to daily life, these shiurim give practical advice delivered with Rabbi Smith's trademark warmth, wit, and storehouse of stories.

The messages contained in the shiurim are the timeless lessons of the Torah, delivered by someone who is the living embodiment of his teachings.

Among the topics covered in this book, you will learn about:

Bein Adam L'Makom:

NEVER ALONE.......The Essence of Tefillah
GOOD PR.........Living al Kiddush Hashem

Bein Adam L'chaveiro:

TORAH MACHT MENTCHEN.......The Torah's Training in Interpersonal Relationships
BUILDING WORLDS...WITH WORDS.......The Power of Chessed B'dibbur

Bein Adam L'atzmo:

OPPORTUNITY'S HARD KNOCKS........Dealing with Challenges
LITTLE, OLD ME........Believing in Ourselves

Allow the eternal wisdom of our Torah to inspire you to attain new heights in avodas Hashem, because indeed you can...and will...do it.
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