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Majesty Of Torah

Majesty Of Torah

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Selected Writings Of Rabbi Aryeh Carmell, Life-Long Disciple And Disseminator Of The Teachings Of Rav Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler

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The scope and breadth of Rabbi Aryeh Carmell’s teachings are breathtaking. Widely known as the propagator of the teachings of his great mentor, Rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler zt'l — as editor of the five volumes of Michtav Me’Eliyahu and translator and publisher of the six volumes of Strive for Truth! — the panorama of thought in his books, articles, and lectures stretches far across the horizon.

The title of this book, The Majesty of Torah, encapsulates two of Rabbi Carmell’s primary outlooks on life. The first is the Hirschian interpretation of Torah im Derech Eretz — that Torah must rule supreme in all areas of human endeavor. The second is the central and honored position in Jewish society of talmidei chachamim — our kings(Gittin 62a) — whose crown of Torah knowledge inspires and focuses all members of the community toward a greater commitment to Torah.

The Majesty of Torah presents for the first time an anthology of Rabbi Carmell’s teachings, representing his outlook on Torah life. It includes Rabbi Carmell’s written version of his widely-acclaimed filmed lecture series, “Living Judaism”; his famed teaching course, “Live Teaching”; articles covering a wide range of timely Torah issues, such as evolution, free will, and artificial life; and concise biographical information detailing his outstanding life. Rabbi Carmell dedicated his life to chessed and bringing people close to Judaism. He was a model teacher and source of inspiration to hundreds of disciples. Now you too can become one of his many students.

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