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Publisher Menucha Publishers

Princess Without a Crown

Publisher Menucha Publishers

Princess Without a Crown

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Returning to my Jewish Roots.

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Although Jenna Maio grew up near Orthodox Jews in the Five Towns of Long Island, New York, she might as well lived worlds apart. A secular American Jew determined to save the world through environmental law, Jenna's dream comes true when she is accepted to an Ivy League law school. But on a trip to Israel, her exposure to Torah learning causes her to question everything.

Princess Without a Crown is a coming-of-age story filled with drama and humor, as well as amazing stories of Divine Providence and Torah wisdom. Join Jenna as she discovers her heritage and navigates the newfound blessings -and challenges- on her path to growth.

"This book tells the personal story of one young woman's path back to her ancient heritage. I found it instructive and moving. There are many lessons to be learned from it, for both students and teachers of authentic Judaism." -- Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, International lecturer and author of Note

"Jenna's engaging book about her spiritual journey into Judaism is an honest and often amusing memoir, peopled with a cast of colorful characters. Her spiritual struggles (and lapses) are a counterpoint to her God-directed, deep longings. Readers will enjoy traveling with her on her journey." -- Sara Yoheved Rigler, Best-selling author, and international lecturer

"As a non-Jew, with the little understanding of Judaism, I was still spell-bound by this book and Jenna's journey. I couldn't read it fast enough. What a beautiful talent!" -- Linda Sivertsen, Best-selling author and host of The Beautiful Writers podcast.

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