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The Ami Letters: R' Shais Taub

The Ami Letters: R' Shais Taub

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Questions & Answers With Torah Hashkafa

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Appearing in the pages of Ami Magazine for over seven years, "Ask Rabbi Shais Taub" has gained a wide and dedicated following who return weekly seeking his astute guidance, clarity, inspiration, and deep faith.

Rabbi Taub’s trademark style of answering the questioner and not just the question has been praised for its sharp ability to dissect and analyze the readers’ questions as well as its compassion and empathy.

Much more than just an advice column, “Ask Rabbi Shais Taub” has become a trusted source for penetrating insights on life, based firmly upon authentic Torah values.

At long last, read and re-read OVER 70 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS culled from years of weekly Ami Magazine columns, addressing real-life issues in the areas of Chinuch & Parenting, Shidduchim, Shalom Bayis, In-Laws, Divorce & Remarriage.
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Rabbi Shais Taub