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With Truth And Love, Volume 2

With Truth And Love, Volume 2

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Actualizing Potential And Serving With Joy

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Truth and love are the twin foundations upon which all Yiddishkeit rests. There is only one truth — the truth of the Creator as He reveals Himself to us. And there is only one love — the love for the Creator as He reveals Himself to us. Our love for our fellow Jew, our child or our spouse is really a love for the Divine image they bear. This is the fundamental insight upon which this sefer is based.

This second volume of With Truth and with Love completes the series of twenty-six shiurim contained in the Hebrew Eitzos veHadrachos (Part 2). The focus in this volume is on actualizing one’s potential and serving Hashem with joy.

Some of the topics covered are:

Dealing with affliction

Fostering growth

Achieving inner peace

The true meaning of hope

Our place in creation

It was the author’s last dream to leave us all with hope, peace and joy. This sefer is his legacy.

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