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Publisher Menucha Publishers

Alien Invasion

Publisher Menucha Publishers

Alien Invasion


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Product Description

The aliens are coming! Deep in space, an alien spaceship is mysteriously destroyed by a nuclear missile. Twintal Ork and Dwint Splatch are the only survivors. The two aliens, with their cowlike ears and fur-like hair, arrive in the United States and inform Vice President Noah Silber that another enemy spaceship is on its way to Earth.

They claim their mothership was attacked by the lost ten tribes, who are hiding out in desolate Alaska. Noah, the aliens, and a team of experts travel to Valdez, a small village in the snow- capped Alaskan mountains. Hiking through massive glaciers and ice caves, they search for the elusive tribes. Can they help Noah stop the enemy spaceship before it’s too late?

Written by an eighth-grade teacher with help from his students, this is a unique, action-

packed adventure, full of nonstop twists and turns. Join Noah and his crew as they struggle to stay one step ahead of the alien invasion.

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Menucha Publishers
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May 19, 2024