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As In Heaven So On Earth Vol. 1

Publisher Israel Bookshop

As In Heaven So On Earth Vol. 1

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Practical Hashkafa to Enhance Everyday Life - Based on Chumash

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Our outlook on life necessarily colors our experience of it. Hashkafa, or the "Outlook" of Judaism, is a multifaceted, wide ranging yet definite way of looking at life. In the final analysis, the Jewish outlook is a celebration of life. And therefore mastering it can turn every experience - the beautiful and majestic, as well as the painful and the mundane - into a meaningful and/or joyful reaffirmation of simple existence.

This book will help both the intelligent beginner as well as the well-rounded scholar better master Jewish hashkafa. Designed to enhance the experience of everyday life, it is a tapestry of true life stories and penetrating textual analysis of the Chumash woven together into an eminently readable whole. Some of the issues and topics include:

Torah values and the pursuit of money
Soul mates
Life after death
Finding tranquility amidst harsh circumstances
Jewish personal development and spirituality
Maintaining standards in corrupt surroundings
Bitachon and faith in this day and age
And more...

by Rabbi Ezriel Tauber
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