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Between the Lines - Mgilas Esther

Between the Lines - Mgilas Esther

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A Commentary on Megillas Esther
Based on the Shiurim of Rabbi Gershon Weiss zt"l

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Megillas Esther. The beloved story we all grew up with, but that, in actuality, we know so little about. There are so many layers to the classic storyline, so much that is between the lines, undisclosed unless one searches for it.

In his incisive and dynamic style, Rav Gershon Weiss transforms our understanding of Megillas Esther by taking us between those lines of the megillah. Discover how the foundations of the Purim miracles were laid many years before Achashverosh ascended the throne; how Esther and Mordechai interwove two parallel stories into one; and how the minor details of the megillah were actually Divinely orchestrated catalysts of the miraculous salvation. From the opening words until the final chapter, an intricate tapestry of hashgachas Hashem is laid out for us in all its glory.

Your Megillah reading will never be the same again!
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