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Publisher Menucha Publishers

Danger in Iran #2

Publisher Menucha Publishers

Danger in Iran #2

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Behind the Scenes:

The Stories, the Fears, the Rescue

Danger in Iran is based on true events. It is a tale woven from the experiences of a number of heroic Jews, some well known, some less so, and some who perished on the journey and did not merit to reach Eretz Yisrael, Hashem yikom damam.

In writing this story, we met with several Jews who had escaped from Iran. They described the chilling experiences they endured in order to fulfill their lifelong dream of coming to Eretz Yisrael.

The more we heard, the more we felt that words cannot describe the terror these Jews experienced, and their intense desire for freedom.

Here are a few quotes from the actual interviews that shaped the story you are about to read:

“The two interrogators didn’t care how much they hit me as long as they forced me to confess a lie — that I was an Israeli spy. Look at my scars; they testify better than I ever could.”

“Night. A cold, cold desert. The blinding headlights of the jeeps of the revolutionary guards in the distance. Our lives are in real danger.”

“All of the sudden, my daughter fell from the camel’s hump and screamed in pain. In a cruel voice, our Baluchi guide said, ‘Leave her here. We must hurry and get as far away from the danger zone as possible. We’re out of time. She either stays and we all survive or we all die here — now.’ My wife screamed, ‘Stop! I want my daughter!’”

“On the plane to Ben-Gurion Airport, we looked down like a bird in flight at the Promised Land — her coasts, her streets, her buildings, and her people. We wanted to embrace every inch of the Land and weep with joy. We left the darkness of Tehran and her torture chambers and the dangerous desert far behind us, along with the memories we so badly wanted to forget. After we got off the plane, we kissed the dust of the Land and there was nothing sweeter than those grains of sand.”
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Menucha Publishers
Rabbi Avraham Ohayon
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May 19, 2024