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Publisher Israel Bookshop

Foundations of Faith Haggadah

Publisher Israel Bookshop

Foundations of Faith Haggadah

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With commentary of Rav Gershon Weiss

Includes "Holocaust Connection"

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Galus Mitzrayim was the forerunner of all of our People's subsequent exiles, forging a path toward the birth of our nation and its destiny throughout the ages. Indeed, delving into the story of Yetziyas Mitzrayim is what solidifies the basics of our faith - and that is the purpose of this Haggadah.

In Foundations of Faith (formerly The Holocaust Haggadah), Rabbi Gershon Weiss zt"l, esteemed rav, prolific writer, and previous menahel ruchani of the Yeshivah of Staten Island, shows how the principles of Jewish faith taught by the Sages in the Haggadah can be applied to the most difficult ordeals of our national history. Through a profound examination of the nature of our relationship with Hashem, and peppered with true stories of our People's unparalleled courage and bitachon, this Haggadah offers a new and deep understanding of Yetziyas Mitzrayim, as well as a perspective on the Holocaust - and galus in general - that will enrich our lives.
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Mar 14, 2023