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Publisher Israel Bookshop

Hilchos Mezuzah

Publisher Israel Bookshop

Hilchos Mezuzah

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The Laws and Customs of Mezuzah for Ashkenazim and Sefardim

Clearly Presented with Detailed Illustrations

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The emblem of a Jewish home, a mezuzah is a constant reminder of our connection to Hashem. Chazal teach that it offers continual protection, both in the home and outside, and that it is associated with long life. The mitzvah of mezuzah is in force at all times, and it is important for it to be done right. This sefer was written to increase awareness of the many facets of this mitzvah and to serve as a comprehensive guide to its performance.

In a beautiful format and with clear and simple language, Rabbi Churba covers a wide range of topics - from the spirit of the mitzvah to its concrete details. Cutting-edge architectural illustrations bring the halacha to life and make the learning easier and more enjoyable. Extensively researched and well organized, this book provides the essential information you need to fulfill the mitzvah properly.

100+ images illustrating scenarios
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Jun 6, 2023