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Inside-Outside Parenting

Inside-Outside Parenting

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Understanding Your Child's Needs, Nature, And Personality

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We wonder:

What do our children need?
Why do they behave this way?
How can we nurture the parent-child bond?
Amid this swirling fog of confusion, Dr. Shalom Augenbaum illuminates the way.

With hope and encouragement, the author journeys with us into the inner world of our children. He shows us how to reorient ourselves to their ever-present, essential emotional needs and reconnect with our own inherent wisdom, freeing us to raise our children intentionally— without simply reacting to their behaviors.

Discover the version of parenting best suited for your child. Learn how to parent—from the “inside out.”

“I can’t stop thinking how much I would have benefited from this book during those sweet, challenging years of raising my own family.”

Rav Moshe Weinberger
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Feldheim Publishers
6 x 9