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Learning to Live, Youth Edition

Learning to Live, Youth Edition

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Learning to Live: Youth Edition is the incredible life story of the posek hador Maran Harav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt”l. Filled with hundreds of awe-inspiring stories, firsthand anecdotes and personal interviews that reveal the gadlus of a tzaddik who dedicated every second of his life to learn Torah, it is a book that teaches every Jewish child—and adult—how to live.

“For more than thirty years you merited to be drawn close as a son by my father. I saw with my own eyes the love my father had for you… You have written in a wondrous manner what you saw firsthand all those many years… This book will bring much benefit to both bnei Torah and the general public of Shomrei Torah, and it certainly should be in every home.”

Harav Moshe Elyashiv, shlita
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