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On This Night - הלילה זה

On This Night - הלילה זה


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An emunah overview on every part of Maggid

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"We gather together, on this night, to commemorate our exodus from Egypt into Hashem's embrace, thus becoming His nation and His servants till the end of time. We discuss, in detail, all the suffering that we endured in Mitzrayim, all the miracles Hashem did, and all the gratitude we have to Him for doing all this for us. We are expected to get into such detail that we can actually experience it ourselves, on this night, as if it were all happening to us, and to reach the level of joy and gratitude that the Jewish people had at the time of our exodus. This is supposed to bring us to a heightened level of emunah that will infuse our service of Hashem throughout the year. "…Therefore, I have written this Sefer, to serve as an emunah primer for the Haggadah. To make the concepts of emunah readily available so that those leading the seder on this night can easily access them and share them with their family, which will inspire ourselves and, in turn, our children, in the joy of being a Yid."

- Excerpt from Introduction

"The thrust of this commentary is to show how the basic theme of the Seder night is to show our emunah in, and our gratitude to, Hashem for our physical and spiritual redemption. Every section of the Haggadah is elaborated on in this manner, and at the end of each section a short, to-the-point synopsis of the commentary is presented, to guide one's fulfillment of the mitzvah of Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim "On This Night".

Rabbi Zev Leff Shlit"a

"... Great and important to add clarity in the foundations of emunah in a way that can be easily taken to heart... Cannot overemphasize the importance of strengthening these matters of emunah…"
Rav Chaim Stein Zt"l

"…To bring benefit to Jewish homes about the great value of this night of yetzias Mitzrayim."

Rabbi Noson Tzvi Finkel Zt"l

" I am certain that those who read it will have spiritual pleasure and a bright light in understanding the words of the author of the Haggadah."

Rabbi Gabriel Cohen Shlit"a
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Feldheim Publishers
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Mar 12, 2023