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Seudah Secrets on the Seder

Seudah Secrets on the Seder

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The Significance and Spirituality of Traditional Jewish Foods

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Did you know there is a custom to individually wrap each of the three matzosat the Pesach Seder? And that there are specific kavanos one should havein mind when fulfilling the exalted mitzvah of eating matzah? Did you knowthat while some use celery for Karpas, others use radishes, potatoes, oronions, and still others dip celery together with potatoes into the saltwater?

Although every Jewish holiday is steeped in tradition, when it comes to thehallowed Pesach Seder, the amount of different customs that abound for eachand every part, as well as the reasoning behind them, is mind-boggling! Andall of it is there to serve one fundamental purpose: elevating what we do andwhat we eat on this holy night to a most sublime experience.

In Seudah Secrets on the Seder, Rabbi Dovid Meisels, authorof the popular Secrets series, shares with us hundreds of customsrelating to the Pesach Seder, as well as the many explanations for whyand how they are done. As always, Rabbi Meisels culls his materialfrom midrashim, Chazal, and the sefarim hakedoshim.
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