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Tales Out Of Middos Town - CD Included

Tales Out Of Middos Town - CD Included

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Welcome to Middos Town - a place filled with lovable Middos Mentchies who are ready to teach good middosto children!

In Mr. Zariz and Mr. Shlepper, you'll meet two fellows who have very different ways of getting mitzvos done. Mr. Zariz is always up and about, racing from one mitzvah to the next, while Mr. Shlepper just shleps his feet, usually missing out on his chance to do a mitzvah.

Mr. Shlepper is not happy about this. He loves doing mitzvos, too! How can he learn from Mr. Zariz and manage to catch each mitzvah before it's too late?

Tales out of Middos Town is a brand new series of middos read-along book-and-CDs for children. Each adorable story is accompanied by bright and cheerful illustrations and catchy songs on the CD, providing an ideal way to ingrain good middos in our little ones!
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Chavi Lederberger