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The Complete Guidebook to Dating for Marriage

The Complete Guidebook to Dating for Marriage

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For Men and Women

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In The Complete Guidebook to Dating for Marriage, Rabbi Reuven Epstein provides a thorough and practical handbook for individuals navigating the journey of dating for marriage. This book is designed for singles, and those supporting singles through this process, covering everything from the initial research stages to the date itself. This book demystifies the secrets to dating successfully to ultimately walking down the aisle.

With a focus on guiding readers through the various stages, this book includes essential questions that anyone exploring this stage should ask others… and themselves. Organized into progressive sections, starting with "The Dater's Mindset," this book offers a comprehensive analysis, equipping individuals with strategies to uncover the potential in each date.

This book is as much a self-discovery book as it is a dating guidebook. "The Complete Guidebook to Dating for Marriage" is a vital resource for Jewish singles and an essential manuscript that addresses all aspects of the dating journey.

“This work is a must for all considering entering shidduchim”

— From the approbation of Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

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Feldheim Publishers
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Jan 24, 2024