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Publisher Menucha Publishers

The Rabbi and the Nuns

Publisher Menucha Publishers

The Rabbi and the Nuns

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The Inside Story of a Rabbi's Therapeutic Work With the Sisters of St. Francis

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What happens when an Orthodox Chassidic Rabbi becomes director of psychiatry at a Catholic hospital, treating nuns who have problems adjusting to the Vatican II reforms? The Rabbi and the Nuns chronicles the highlights of a twenty-year working relationship between Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski and the nuns and priests of the Pittsburgh Diocese and St. Francis Hospital. Spearheading a groundbreaking rehab program, Rabbi Twerski and the nuns develop a working connection that transcends their religious differences, forges mutual respect, and brings them to a whole new level in ecumenical relations. Insightful, inspiring, and humorous at times, Rabbi Twerski's personal account is frank and engrossing. Readers are given a rare glimpse into the inner world of spiritual leaders as they grapple with their personal struggles to adjust to today's tumultuous times.
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