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The Wisdom of Wealth

The Wisdom of Wealth

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Torah Values Regarding Money

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The Torah contains many laws regarding money, including both positive and negative commandments (dos and don'ts). Still, many money-related topics are not directly codified. For example :
How do we balance trust in G-d with earning a livelihood?
Is financial self-sufficiency a Torah goal?
How should we approach financial planning (including investing and retirement planning)?
How much should we be spending, really? Is it appropriate to spend on luxuries? What if others will be jealous?
How does wealth impact our character?
The Torah has a great deal to teach regarding money and wealth. Drawing from classic sources, The Wisdom of Wealth is fascinating, encyclopedic, and eminently readable. Finally, Torah wisdom in this crucial area of our daily lives is accessible to all.

About The Author :

Rabbi Chananel Herbsman graduated Yeshiva University magna cum laude with a degree in economics and received his semichah (rabbinic ordination) from RIETS. He has been working in the kashrus department of the Orthodox Union for many years. Rabbi Herbsman resides with his family in Upper Manhattan. This is his first book.
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