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Publisher ArtScroll Mesorah

To Light a Spark

Publisher ArtScroll Mesorah

To Light a Spark

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Nothing inspires like a great story!

Product Description

Nothing inspires like a great story!

So what makes the stories in To Light A Spark so great?

Is it their overflowing optimism, so necessary in challenging times? Perhaps it’s the hope they stir within us. Or maybe it’s the positive and joyful feeling we get when we read about people who reach higher and achieve more than anyone believed possible.

Yes, it’s all those. And there’s still another reason why tens of thousands find inspiration in his books -- Rabbi Yechiel Spero knows what moves us. He knows what stories will touch our hearts!

Stories like the one about the man who didn’t have a shekel -- not a single shekel -- to buy food for his family for Shabbos, and how Hashem sent not one, but two miracles, to help him. Or about the young boy who gave up an ice cream cone and merited a berachah from the Chafetz Chaim that ultimately saved his life.

From the cobblestone streets of Lithuania to the corridors of BMG Yeshivah in Lakewood; from the danger-filled alleys of Teheran to a cell in a federal prison -- Rabbi Spero finds sparks of greatness and caring, of emunah and love, sparks that ignite a blazing light that will warm our hearts and illuminate our lives.
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