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Who Are You?

Who Are You?

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Forty steps to reconnect and discover yourself

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It happened more than four thousand years ago.

The world lost its direction and was filled with thievery.

There was no choice but to restart.

The mabul rained down for forty days.

Forty days straight of cleansing, of purity and renewal.

On the 41st day, the world was new.

The same is true in our times. Each of us copes with a personal mabul. The mabul, the deluge, isn't a punishment. It's a means for internal purification.

Hashem uses the flood to push us to the start of a new journey

that we need to take.

This isn't a typical self-help book. It's so much more.

This work discusses 40 topics that will lead you on a personal journey of renewal. My suggestion: Don't run through the book too quickly. Dedicate the next forty days to the journey and focus on one chapter each day.

Internalize your journey so that the forty-first day will bring you

to a place of true renewal.

This book isn't meant to change you.

It will serve as a guide as you take your personal journey.

With these 40 steps, you will discover the unique within you. Yourself.

Good luck!

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Israel Bookshop Publications
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Apr 7, 2024